Sustainable Waco Conference Series

Climate change and resource depletion represent our world’s greatest challenges, with potential for severe economic, social, and environmental consequences should we choose to not take action. Humans have a tremendous impact on the environment, both through resource consumption and waste production. Discussing sustainability in our community is more important now than ever before. This fall, join us for a virtual series of sustainability talks focusing on water, climate change economics, and environmental justice to delve into some of these concerns and potential solutions. Each talk will be hosted virtually through Zoom, is free to attend, and is open to the public. Please register up to 24 hours in advance of each talk. Each session stands independently, so you can register for a single, multiple, or all of the talks.

Thursday, October 22nd, 2020
6:00-7:00 PM
"Just Waco Waters"
Melissa Mullins, Baylor’s CRASR & Cindee Millard, The Mayborn Museum

Waco and the suburbs and rural areas in McLennan County, TX are home to about 250,000 people and we all depend on water.  Climate change is changing the timing and intensity of precipitation, drought and extreme heat and may lead to changes in water quantity and quality.  Climate impacts are not fair and are not felt equally by all people in our community.  There are no easy solutions to Waco's future water challenges, but everyone can consider what we can do to prepare for the future.  Join us to hear the outcomes of a recent community forum on water, and to learn about how you can make your voice heard.

Thursday, November 19th, 2020
6:00 PM
“Climate Change Challenges for Agriculture and Water: Effects, Inevitabilities and Needs to Adapt”
Dr. Bruce McCarl and Chengcheng Fei, Texas A&M University

Climate change has been an emerging force for 50 years and more change is inevitable regardless of our actions to control greenhouse gas emissions.  To extremely vulnerable things that we all depend on are agriculture and water supplies.  In this seminar a brief portion will cover realized climate change so far and projections for the future.  Then attention will be turned to implications for agriculture and water supplies.  A number of topics will be covered including shifting crop mixes, pesticide costs, crop yields,  land use shifts, water supplies, extreme flooding, precipitation intensity and drought frequency.